First Grade

First Grade Curriculum

Math- Saxon Math

Cathedral School's math program is distinctive in both its format and scope.  Using Saxon Math throughout all grade levels, students in grades K-2 experience instruction in fundamental concepts.  As each student enters grade 3, he/she, using placement test scores, previous teacher's input, is paced in the appropriate math level.  This allows for differentiated instruction for all students. Students at Cathedral have the opportunity to move through the math curriculum at their own pace, and many will complete courses in high school level Algebra 1 and 2 prior to graduation. Care is taken to  ensure that students are challenged and yet comfortable in their math placements. 

Language Arts - Open Court

Language in first grade is taught through a workshop of the daily 5- reading to self, reading to someone, listening to reading, work on writing, and word work, with spelling connection.

Religion-Sadlier WE BELIEVE

Religion in first grade is focused heavily on celebrating the Mass


First-grade math includes learning properties of matter, investigating motion, the characteristics of plants and animals, observing water and weather, and simple investigations. Science includes many hands on activities.

Social Studies

Social studies include life skills and Weekly Reader lessons 

Field Trips

First graders will go to the Red Barn Farm in the fall and Shatto Dairy farm in the spring.


  • Library
  • Music
  • PE
  • Geography- Geography Immersion

During the second semester, each class at Cathedral studies and prepares a presentation on a different county throughout the world.  Through this process, the children learn important lessons in geography, native cultural practices, religious beliefs, cuisine, attire, government, daily living, and much more. These presentations are showcased in an “open house” format for families and other students to come and enjoy.