Seventh Grade

Seventh Grade Curriculum

Math - Saxon Math

Cathedral School's math program is distinctive in both its format and scope.  Using Saxon Math throughout all grade levels, students in grades K-2 experience instruction in fundamental concepts.  As each student enters grade 3, he/she, using placement test scores, previous teacher's input, is paced in the appropriate math level.  This allows for differentiated instruction for all students. Students at Cathedral have the opportunity to move through the math curriculum at their own pace, and many will complete courses in high school level Algebra 1 and 2 prior to graduation. Care is taken to ensure that students are challenged and yet comfortable in their math placements. 


  • Simplifying Algebraic Expressions
  • Solving Algebraic Equations           
  • Order of Operations
  • Proportions
  • Functions
  • Measures of Central Tendency


  • Life Science
  • Animal diversity and classification
  • Body systems; skeletal, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, muscular and reproductive systems
  • Brain structure
  • Cell structure and processes
  • Ecosystems and relationships of the world around us

Science Study Trips include: Glore Psychiatric Museum, Kansas City Zoo, IBUILD

Dissection of a fetal pig

ELA Development (English Language Arts)

  • Reinforcement of writing mechanics and vocabulary selection in writing
  • Writing dialogue
  • Analysis of literature with comparison writing
  • Advancement of writing styles; persuasive, fictional, instructional and descriptive


  • Introduction and comparison of religions from around the world
  • Review of the Sacraments and their relationship with the Bible
  • Creation as told in Genesis
  • Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter)

American History

  • An overview of American History from the present to the Korean War (we move backwards!)
  • Students will do a 50's era science fiction lit study in conjunction with the Korean War unit.
  • Study trips to Brown v. Topeka Historical Site and other pertinent locations are scheduled.
  • Projects include a Pet Rock creation, an in-depth Civil Rights study and the creation of 1950's paper doll characters.
  • Using Junior Scholastic magazines enables students to stay current with world affairs, improves map reading skills and interpretation of technical and expository writing.
  • The annual Geography Immersion project allows each class to focus on a single foreign country during this 2-week project. All Cathedral students then tour the nations as presenters explain customs, culture and geography. Elaborate decor, food samples and native dress completes the experience.