Registration & Tuition

Registration and Fundraising

Registration Process

The upcoming school year’s preregistration process will be communicated to our parents through email and Sycamore Education. Registration and tuition rates will be communicated at that time. 

During the summer months, the final Registration Process will be launched. Again, Sycamore Education and Email will be used to share the required set of forms. These need to be returned to the school office prior to the first day of school. All registration and school fees and at least the first month of tuition should be paid by this time, too. Questions regarding this process should always be directed to the school office at 816-232-8486.

Tuition and Registration Fees

Tuition rates for the school year will be communicated each spring during our pre-registration process. Registration payments should be paid in full by June 15, and the first tuition payment is due by August 5. Tuition fees may be paid in one annual payment, two semi-annual payments or in ten monthly payments. Payments in full should be received at the school office by August 5th. Other payments are made through Smart Tuition. Payment terms are set up through an online enrollment which will be shared annually with all families. Late charges will be assessed by Smart Tuition if terms are not met. An initial tuition payment must be received by Smart Tuition or the school before a student registration is complete.


Trash Bags: All families with students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 are required to sell a minimum of 30 rolls of trash bags during the annual Fall Trash Bag Sale fundraiser. You may buy out of this fundraiser for $250.

Cathedral Cash: All families with students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 are required to buy a minimum amount of ―Cathedral Cash‖ (formerly known as SCRIP) during the school year. For a family, this minimum requirement is to earn $100 in rebate for Cathedral School by May 1.  You may buy out of this fundraiser for $250.

Mardi Gras: All families with students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 are required to sell at least one $100 Mardi Gras ticket and to contribute one item for the auction. More information on this donation will be communicated by the Mardi Gras committee.  You may buy our of this fundraiser for $250.

Race For Education: Each school family is required to provide at least 10 names and addresses for the Race For Education. You may choose a $250 per family ―buy-out if you do not wish to provide names and addresses.

****All families must be current with all financial obligations, including fundraisers, to be eligible to receive: final Report Cards, Diplomas, registration for the next school year, or transfer of school records to another school.

We will make every effort to ensure that families who are experiencing financial difficulties will not be excluded from school. However, the business office needs to be kept informed of these times so that both parties can reach an agreement. We must also insist that payments to Cathedral School and parish remain a high priority among our families in order to pay the salaries and expenses for our school program. Tuition assistance/scholarship applications are available upon request.

For information on the free and reduced-price policy, click on this link.