Enrollment Papers

Once you schedule a tour, you will receive a packet. Included in this packet are forms that collect information we need in order to better care for your child and to respond in case of an emergency. These forms are confidential and the contents will not be discussed with anyone but our staff.

  1. Enrollment and
  2. Medical/Health form-
  3. Contract for enrollment
  4. Registration fee
  5. Copy of Immunization Record
  6. Child Medical Examination Report-it is best to have the Child Medical Examination Report  on the first day but if you are unable to get a doctor appointment you have 30 days from the date of enrollment to have it completed and signed by the child’s physician. If your child has had a physical exam within the last six months, your Dr. can sign the form and send it through the mail or can be faxed.
  7. Child Profile Sheet
  8. Medication Consent form
  9. Parent’s Specialized instructions for Infant/Toddlers
  10. Special Needs/Medical Information Form (if applicable)
  11. Release Form – photo, health screen and campus access