We Welcome Our Prospective Families!

Welcome to Cathedral of St. Joseph School! It is a wonderful place! It is a school in which each individual (whether student, teacher or parent) makes a contribution.

It is a school in which everyone can grow and develop in faith, knowledge and understanding. It is a school in which all are challenged to learn, to be responsible, and to take ownership.

Cathedral School is a ministry. It is a ministry of the Catholic Church and its Gospel message of Jesus Christ. To give vision and purpose to this ministry, a mission statement, a vision statement, and a philosophy have been written by committees of teachers and parents. These statements articulate what we believe and the foundation for all we do.

Cathedral School is an educational institution. As such, it needs a framework. This revised handbook is the framework for our institution. It contains the local policies and procedures of Cathedral School. A committee of staff, teachers, and parents worked to develop a practical, easy-to-use source of information and expectations for Cathedral School families. The faculty and School Board regularly review these guidelines.

Cathedral School is a partnership. It is a partnership between the Church, the staff, the families, and the students. It takes each and every one of the partners working and striving together to live out our mission, to reach our goals, and to provide the best possible learning and faith-filled environment for our children. Every partner needs to be aware of the mission, the policies, and guidelines of Cathedral School. So it is important for everyone to be familiar with this handbook and its contents.

Cathedral School: Where Faith and Friendship Rule! May we all work together in His name this and every school year!

Mrs.Gerre Martin, Principal

Cathedral School Advisory Board

New Family Open House